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V-Gel Information

Himalaya V-Gel is a unique herbal formula that consists of Persian Rose, Triphala and Cardamom.

Role of Key Ingredients:
Persian Rose (Satapatri) has antiviral and antibacterial properties, which  reduces the maturation of the infectious progeny virus. It also combats gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria responsible for female reproductive tract infections.
Triphala acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent that cleanses the female reproductive organ from any bacteria.
Cardamom (Ela) provides relief from pain associated with vaginitis, cervicitis and leucorrhea.

Himalaya V-Gel is indicated for vaginal candidiasis (fungal yeast infection), vaginal trichomoniasis (parasitic vaginal infection) and non-specific bacterial vaginitis.Himalaya V-Gel cream provides relief from occasional irritation, itching and burning sensations of the women’s private part. Topical application of this gel can soothe inflamed vulva and cervix, thus accelerating the healing process. It can also stop vaginal discharge and prevents further infection.

Use under medical supervision.

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